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There is a God.

He has a Book.



The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
(posted: January 2013)

* All scripture references are from the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible, unless otherwise noted.

Shortly before midnight on August 15, 1977, Ohio State University’s “Big Ear” radio telescope received a gigantic signal from deep space. Several days, later when astronomer Dr. Jerry Ehman was reviewing the telescope’s computer printout, he was so taken aback by what he saw that he circled the signal and wrote “Wow!” in the margin. Hence the name - Wow! signal. Ever since that night of possible “first contact”, scientists have searched, in vain, trying to find the signal again.

Scientists still debate as to whether this was an incredibly powerful message from ET or some sort of enormous cosmic blip that rose and fell as the telescope’s first search beam passed through that particular point in space. While this exactly fits the parameters scientists would expect from an intelligent extraterrestrial signal, it failed to record on the telescope’s second search beam as it passed through the exact same point in space three minutes later.

The Bible patterns for August 15, 1977 give us some insight into the origin of the Wow signal. We need only look at Psalm 77, from the year pattern, to easily identify the signal, the source, and the telescope that heard it. In fact, the first verse of chapter 77 called the twin - beamed, Big Ear radio telescope by name, some 2500 years before it was built.

       1. I cried out to God with my voice - to God with
            my voice; and He gave ear to me.

            [The 1st search beam, the 2nd search beam, and the Big
             Ear radio telescope in this verse.]

       2. My hand was stretched out in the night without
            ceasing; my soul refused to be comforted.

            [Telescopes and astronomers scan the night skies
             unceasingly. Those looking for the powerful, but
             elusive, Wow signal have become increasingly
             frustrated over the years. Many have unsuccessfully
             searched for decades trying to relocate the signal.]

“We should have seen it again when we looked for it 50 times.“
             Dr. Jerry Ehman                                

“(Astronomer) Robert Gray has looked again.
And again. ... for a reappearance of the Wow
signal.” 1

       4. You hold my eyelids open; I am so troubled
             that I cannot speak.

            [Generally speaking, astronomers work at night while
             the world sleeps. Ehman was so startled by his
             discovery that he wrote (not spoke), “Wow!”]

       5. I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient

            [The presumed interstellar signal would have been
            sent at least 100,000 years ago to reach the Big Ear
            in 1977.]

     6a. I call to remembrance my song in the night; ...

            [Elvis Presley died the same night as the Wow
              signal 3, and we remembered his songs.]

       b. ... I meditate within my heart, and my
            spirit makes diligent search.

            [see verse 2. Astronomers have searched for decades
            for an encore performance from the “Signaler”,
            to no avail.]

   11a. I will remember the works of the Lord; ...

            [The Wow signal is only one of many works of the Lord
            detailed by Proves God.]

       b. ... surely I will remember Your wonders of old.

            [see verse 5]

    14. You are the God who does wonders; You have
            declared Your strength among the peoples.

“And then again, maybe the Wow! signal was not a general broadcast signal, aimed to alert us as to the existence of an alien race. Maybe it was a short targeted signal meant for a single purpose ...!” 3

“The Wow signal’s unusual nomenclature connotes both the surprise of the discovery and its sox-knocking strength, which is more than 50 thousand times more incoming energy than the minimum signal that would register as a hit for today’s Phoenix Project.” 1

[So what was the purpose of the Wow signal? To declare God’s strength (50,000 times more energy ...) among the peoples.]

17b. ... the skies sent out a sound; ...

           [Surely, it doesn’t actually say that, does it? Oh yes it
            does. Wow!]

A super extraterrestrial intelligence, the God of the universe, is sending us a message.

Is anyone listening?



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