Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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There is a God.

He has a Book.




First and foremost, I thank God for His guidance in helping me search out and understand the information presented on Proves God. It has been, for me, like a ten-years-in-the-wilderness experience, but I cannot imagine any subject matter being more compelling.

Special thanks to several people who played key roles in the development of Proves God. They helped immensely with the editing, transcribing, and website design. You know who you are. Thank you. I could not have done it without you.

Two books were also quite instrumental in launching what eventually became Proves God. I have no doubt that God's providence was involved in bringing these books to my attention. The first one was an old book entitled Biblical Mathematics, written by Dr. E. F. Vallowe. The copy I have was copyrighted in 1998, but it was the 20th printing. This book awakened me to the fact that God uses numbers in specific ways. He was, is, and always will be a God of mathematical precision.

The second book introduced the concept of biblical patterns. It was written by J. R. Church and was entitled Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms (1986). Mr. Church saw correlations between events of the 1900s, regarding the Jewish people, and the chapters in the book of Psalms (19th book of the Bible). He was able to link, for example, chapter 48 with 1948 (the rebirth of the nation of Israel ) and chapter 17 with 1917 (when General Allenby, of the British army, recaptured Jerusalem ). I could see some truth in what he was saying, though I was quite unaware at the time where this information would lead.

Finally, I thank God, again, for bringing it all together. He pulled the strings and arranged the circumstances that allowed this website to become a reality.

In Him, all things are possible. On Him, all things depend.




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