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There is a God.

He has a Book.



ROE VS. WADE - January 22, 1973
(posted: February 2011)

* All scripture references are from the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Landmark Supreme Court (S.C.) decision legalizing abortion.
  2. Biblical Year Pattern (Psalms 73, 33, 133)
    1. Psalm 73:15, 26 - untrue to a generation of God’s children; though 53 million killed, their souls will live eternally.
    2. Psalm 133:1, 3b - chief justices (all men) should have been unified in their decision for life instead of death.
  1. Biblical Day Pattern (chapters representing day 22 in appropriate books)
    1. Genesis 22:2, 12 - S.C. should have decided not to sacrifice children
    2. Exodus 22:22 - Do not afflict single women or fatherless children
    3. Job 22:9 - S.C. sent women away empty; crushed the strength of the fatherless
    4. Jeremiah 22:13a, 15b, 16, 17, 18b, 19a, 21, 23b, 28b, 30a - Judicial chambers of this S.C. declared unrighteousness and injustice; predecessors had declared the opposite and judged uprightly concerning the poor and needy; S.C. shed innocent blood; no brothers and sisters to cry for the lost; no dignity in burial; did not obey the voice of the Lord; guilty will inherit the pains of a woman in labor; descendants were cast out; childless
    5. Ezekiel 22:2, 4a, 6, 7, 9a, 12a, 20-22, 25, 31 - S.C. shed innocent blood; divine judgement on transgressors; unborn torn as prey for profit; divine judgement in this life or the next.
    6. Matthew 22:6, 17-21, 23-26, 32, 42 - God’s servants killed; the judicial branch stepped into God’s territory; many will die childless as result of S.C. decision; “Whose Son is He?”, who had the right to take His life?
    7. Mark 6:12, 14b, 15, 21-29, 56b - God’s solution - repentance; dead are raised to life; birthday of the unborn brought death; Repent, touch His garment and be made well.
    8. Luke 22:19, 20, 22, 25, 26, 37, 53b, 57-60 - Like the unborn, Jesus body and blood sacrificed; Like Jesus, children betrayed; sacrificed children greater than those who condemned them; children numbered with the transgressors; hour of the power of darkness; S.C. denied knowing the unborn children.
    9. John 1:12-14, 29, 34, 36, 49 - Children born of the will of God; sacrificed innocent lambs; the children have a Father; Jesus - the sacrificed Lamb of God, the Son of God, and the King of Israel.





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