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INTO THE LION'S DEN - September 2010
(posted: September 2010)

Recently I made an undercover visit to a local church of freethinkers. Who knew such a group even existed? I soon realized I had entered the Twilight Zone. Up was down, good was bad, right was wrong, etc. It looked like a church, but in this church, the Bible was held in high derision, Christians were mocked, and sermons that gave the "same old Sunday morning book report" were made fun of.

I introduced myself at the open mike at the end of the service, using my real name, announced that I played for the other team, and said that I had come to give a "book report". They were amused, though still friendly, and asked if I was going to make the scales fall from their eyes, to which I replied, "Something like that". Then they invited me to the restaurant for lunch where I fully expected to find myself on the menu. I asked if they would be kind enough to point out any weaknesses in my argument and, with a gleam in their eyes, they replied "You can count on it". At this point they seemed primed for confrontation but what followed was something altogether different.

Of course, the book I carried into the luncheon was the Bible, and the evidence I was going to report on was a fifteen to twenty minute version of the information found on this website. Once the freethinkers realized I was armed with a big red Bible, it was as if something odorous had entered the room. After finishing their meals, most of them quickly headed for the exit without hearing a word I had to say. Instead of using their wits to defend their lack of faith, they simply folded their tents and left. Amazing.

Only three freethinkers, on this particular Sunday, were intellectually honest enough to even hear the evidence. Two of them were noticeably affected by it. Although they drew on their powers of reason and logic, they were unable to explain how they could see for themselves historical events encoded in the scriptures, once they learned a simple formula. I taught them the formula in the first five minutes of the conversation and showed them examples for the next fifteen minutes. Their world view had been seriously shaken in a scant twenty minutes.

The most puzzling response came from the science teacher and seemingly the most hardened atheist in the room. He appeared to be a man who ate Christians for lunch and yet, he would not engage. He grumbled that he had already seen all the evidence that he cared to see. When I responded that this was new evidence, he retorted "There is no new evidence!" Seriously. These were his exact words, and then he turned and left. Charles Darwin must have rolled over in his grave at this freethinker's decidedly unscientific method.

This atheist science teacher had violated the sacred pillars of freethought on two counts. First, he had used his supernatural psychic powers to read my thoughts (a clear violation), as he had not seen or heard any of the evidence. Secondly, he refused to acknowledge that new evidence could even exist. I've read the books of Dawkins, Hitchins and Harris. They claim that atheists only deal in evidence, reason, and logic. This science teacher and his freethinking friends had used their reason and logic, without seeing the evidence. How was this even possible? It was an embarrassment to freethought.

Man up atheists! Free your thoughts freethinkers. Set aside your pre-drawn conclusions. Resist the urge to use your psychic abilities to analyze, judge, and dismiss evidence you have not seen. Examine the evidence first, and then pick up your shield of reason and your sword of logic. Engage in the battle - with honor. Defend yourselves - with integrity. Put on your thinking caps.




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